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Pool and spa water issues vary for many reasons including water sources, terrain, weather conditions, usage, etc. For those reasons, you'll find an assortment of products categorized as "Specialty" that target more specific needs. Everything from removing phosphates or metals, to cleaning filters and cartridges, natural enzyme-based clarifiers, scale removers, and cyanuric acid reducers.

Algaecides are preventative chemicals which assist Chlorine and Bromine in controlling the growth and reproduction of a variety of types of algae.

Visualize Balancers as the center of the seesaw, helping to keep elements such as pH and Alkalinity in check (balance) so that Sanitizers can do their job effectively.  Balancers ensure that pool water remains safe and healthy while also protecting pool surfaces and equipment.

Sanitizing water is required to protect swimmers from contact with various waterborne pathogens and organic contaminants. Chlorine is the most common sanitizer and typically the less expensive option. Bromine is an alternative and while a little more expensive, doesn't have the same odor intensity that Chlorine does. In our pool line, we're happy to offer another Chlorine option called Scent-trific. It's a full strength, low odor, longer lasting chlorine tab. Like Bromine, it's a little more expensive but due to its longevity, actually winds up saving you money.

Shocking your pool removes organic and outside contaminants from your water. This includes everything from sweat, skin cells, body lotion, to debris blown into the pool or dilution of water due to rain. By shocking you kill bacteria and break down contaminants, removing them from the water. The result is clean, sparkling, safe swimming water.

Algae Cure

Algaecure – 99% Trichlor Benefits: It can be used as an effective super chlorinator. Effective algaecide for black algae in white plaster pools. – Ensures safe, sanitary, sparkling water



Biozyme Bio catalytic enzyme in professional strength removes body oils, lotions and grease.Biozyme removes pollen and other organic contaminants that clog filters and cause waterline stains The benefits are it is easy to use and it cleans pool water quickly and naturally

Total Alkalinity

The active ingredient is Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate. Total alkalinity effectively raises the alkalinity. The benefits would be to help prevents pH “bounce”. It protects surfaces from staining or deterioration.

Calcium Increaser

The active ingredient is Calcium Chloride. Calcium Increaser effectively raises hardness. The benefits of using calcium increaser would be to help prevent corrosion on all metal parts, prevents etching and protect the heater elements.

Scent-Trifi c TM Tabs

Full Strength, Low Odor Chlorine Tabs Feature 99% premium grade Trichlor – World’s first low odor chlorine in a floral fresh scent package. They are individually wrapped 8 oz. tabs with no gummy binders. They help reduce and store odor. They help provide safe, clean water. No film or clogging of skimmers, chlorinators and filters. They help ensures safe, sanitary, sparkling water

Shimmer and Shock

Features: – 99% Sodium Dichlor – Convenient 1lb bags – No pre-dissolving – Totally soluble – No residue – Will not cause pH “bounce” – pH neutral & quick dissolving makes it the most universal chlorine product

Chlor Free Shock and Swim (non chlorine oxidizer)

Chlorine Free Shock TabletsFeatures: – 45% Potassium Monopersulfate – Removes chloramines – Safe with chlorine, bromine, copper/ silver sanitizer systems – Will not raise chlorine to unsafe levels – Convenient 1lb bags

Jumbo Tabs 3"

Swimming Pool Chlorine Tablets for sale99% Trichlor and have no no gummy binders. The jumbo tabs are available wrapped & unwrapped. The hard-pressed 8 oz. tab help provide safe, clean water. No film or clogging of skimmers, chlorinators and filters. They help ensure safe, sanitary, sparkling water


Water Testing Supplies

Ask about our supplies which allow you to test your pool water to ensure that it is safe and clean. You are also welcome to bring a sample of your pool water into our Merit Pools location to have us test the water for you. 

Primo Powder Water Conditioner

Primo Powder Water Conditioner the active ingredient is Isocyanuric Acid a fine mesh granular. The benefits: – Improves effectiveness of sanitizer – Reduces amount of chlorine absorbed by sun


Active ingredient - Sodium Carbonate – Effectively raises pH. It improves effectiveness of sanitizer It prevents cloudy water to maintain swimmer comfort

pH Down

Active ingredient - Sodium Bisulfate – Effectively lowers pH. It lowers total alkalinity. It improves effectiveness of sanitizer to maintain swimmer comfort

Bromo Tabs

96% Bromine and is slow dissolving. Helps with safe, clean water and reduced chlorine odor Helps ensures safe, sanitary, sparkling water

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